At Coryhex, we only use approved spare parts and gentle refurbishment methods.

Our competent service technicians have many years of experience servicing heat exchangers, and they work hard to improve the service standard within the industry.

It is important to us that our customers can count on us. That is why we take pride in doing a proper job of high quality, where we listen to the customer's wishes and advise in relation to their needs.

Coryhex service center in Kolding Denmark with all relevant equipment for refurbishment, pressure testing and assembly. We also offer refurbished and thoroughly tested exchange plates and cassettes. 

All our technicians go through various certifications every year - for example ATEX

Click on the image to see what an ATEX certificate contains.

ATEX - ATmosphére ÉXplosive.

Explosive atmospheres


About our working environment and safety

We know that a good working environment is more than safety glasses, protection against noise, right lighting, proper extraction, etc.

A good working environment must protect employees from getting work-related injuries or getting sick from work.

We naturally take responsibility and invest in required safety measures and set clear rules for how long one performs the same work. We do this by rotating the work processes - and we do this to take care of our employees. 

We have clear workflows, clear safety rules, and know what we each have to do. With respect and honor, we create a product together that we can vouch for - where each employee knows his importance for the final result. No one can be dispensed with in our process.

There is room for constructive criticism, but also praise when you do well. For example, when we often receive praise after an on-site service job or a refurbishment at the workshop, it is always passed on to those who carried out the job. In our clear conviction, it is something that strengthens the individual person and the desire for what we do. 

We have several times at Christmas and during the summer holidays paid out extra bonuses as thanks for a good effort, and thanks for each individual employee helping to create the company we have today.

We therefore create, in addition to a professional product, a company where safety and the working environment are at focus. Together, we create a company where there is opportunity for personal development and variety in everyday life.

It is important for us not to compromise with the working environment, and we want to create a safe and healthy workplace.

A workplace with mutual respect and understanding.