Operational safety

With operational reliability in focus, we at Coryhex have specialized in providing a high level of service around the servicing of heat exchangers / pasteurizers

The heat exchanger's performance in food applications is so important that we have chosen to focus and specialize on this particular component

It requires knowledge, many years of experience - and understanding to be able to advise on correct service intervals, which of course ultimately benefit your product quality.

Planned service and maintenance on the most critical exchangers in production must create peace of mind and safety as we at Coryhex are not only ready with backup plates and assembly - but also understand you - when it really matters. We really want to give you operational reliability.

At Coryhex, we only use original spare parts, regardless of the brand of the exchanger, and this not only gives you as a customer security - but also us as a supplier / business partner, as we can vouch for the original product 100%.

We love service and maintenance  



Gasketed plate heat exchanger for hygienic applications

ALFANOVA - 100% stainless steel - FUSIONBONDED - Gasketfree

Alfa Laval AlfaNova is the first plate heat exchanger in the world to be made completely of stainless steel