Food & Water

Process food & water

Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

In these applications, it is all about extremely high safety and quality.

The gasketed plate heatexchangers are among one of the most important components in a production line and therefore it require proper operation and maintenance.

At CORYHEX, we take pride in performing original service with original parts. We show respect for the OEM (Original End Manufactures), developers and the work behind new sustainable developed heat exchangers.

We do not offer service with products that are similar, or products that are almost as good as the original - no we offer the original.

How do you as customer ensure that the product is original and that you can use it in food production?

  • Look for the manufacturer's logo on the parts (on gaskets and plates)
  • Manufacturer's name Trademark Item number
  • Compare no. on spare parts - from original drawing



Don't compromise on spare parts

This is important for operational reliability and for the quality of the final product.

It is important for the warranty and for the lifetime and approval of the heat exchanger.

It is important for the development of new sustainable developments of exchangers and plates for your production when you produce

Milk, juice, beer, food - oil, coffee, chocolate, etc.

Refurbishment and leak test of AlfaCond 400

AlfaCond is a plate condenser exchanger designed for condensation under vacuum.

AlfaCond is semi-welded. Steam condenses in the welded channel, while the refrigerant passes on the open gasket-equipped channel.

Plates are produced in stainless steel, SMO and titanium, which makes it possible to use seawater as a cooling medium.


  Refurbishment and replacement in all processes