Ammonia and semiwelded

Semi-welded plate heat exchangers

This type is often used, as plate evaporators and condensers in cooling systems.

The semi-welded plate heat exchanger has a welded channel side and traditional gasketed channels side. 

Two plates welded together with laser welding so that one side is almost gasketfree.

The semi-welded plate heat exchanger is therefore used, when gaskets are not suitable for one of the media. During process or operation with, for example ammonia, which is a more aggressive media towards gaskets, it is ideal to choose a semi-welded exchanger.

Nh3 can then flow in the welded channels - and the liquid brine / water etc. flows on the opposite but open gasket / product side. 

We are experts in refurbishing the semi-welded plate / cassettes.

As mentioned, one side of the plate is closed and therefore requires correct handling during refurbisment.


Complete refurbished MK15BW 

  • Refurbished plate stack Titan 0.6 mm
  • Clean, gasket change and pressure test
  • Refurbished stand/ frame
  • Covers sanded, repaired and painted
  • Tightening bolts cleaned in threads and new protection tubes
  • Flanges and stud bolts replaced

  • Correct cleaning of plates / Cassettes 
  • Drying - welde side
  • Original gaskets based on drawing number - original operating parameters
  • Pressure test
  • Complete refurbishment 
  • Service report and shipment