Cooling in the summer

A groundwater cooling system uses groundwater for cooling in the summer. The natural temperature of the groundwater, which in Denmark typically is between 8-12 °C, is used for example:


  • Cooling 
  • Ventilation systems
  • Comfort cooling 
  • Condenser cooler etc.
  • Process cooling


Cold water from storage is pumped up for cooling

Heating in winter

In winter, the direction of flow is reversed to cool the aquifer again. The heat stored in the groundwater reservoir - can now be reused and used for heating using heat pumps. It is advantageous to install CIP nozzles on the pipe string at the exchanger during construction of an ATES system.

This gives you an opportunity to CIP-clean the heat exchanger. Read more about CIP Cleaning here.

The groundwater side of the heat exchanger must be maintained to maintain optimized operating conditions and possibly remove dirt on the plates.


Hot water from storage is pumped up for heating