Copper brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers are a compact and efficient solution for heating, cooling, evaporating and condensing in numerous applications. The copper-brazed exchanger is gasket-free and almost maintenance-free.

This exchanger solution can be maintained with CIP - as it cannot be disassembled.

We offer the complete exchanger program of copper brazed exchangers and also subsequent servicing with CIP in all industries. Read more about CIP here


Plate heat exchangers made of 100% stainless-steel.

The exchanger is therefore ideal for processes where high hygienic demands are made, such as drinking water applications.

The fact that it is made in 100% stainless steel also makes it resistant to corrosion and an ideal choice for more aggressive media such as ammonia or other corrosive processes.

This exchanger type can ofcourse be maintained with CIP - as it cannot be disassembled

When we clean ALFANOVA we also have the option of cleaning with a stronger liquid compared to the copper brazed exchanger where we are more limited.


Knocks out other gasket free solutions