On-site service

At Coryhex, the service technicians are trained and specialized in heat exchangers, and therefore they also have the experience in troubleshooting.

In addition to the physical inspection, for several years we have, for example, carried out visual inspection using an infrared camera and flowtest.

These service tools can give us a current picture of the exchanger's performance for example, degraded heat transfer on the exchanger.

If dirt / scale deposits - blocks larger parts of the plate's transfer area - you will quickly lose heat transfer.


  • Heating circuit test
  • Cooling circuit measurement
  • Effect measurement on heat exchangers before and after service

All heat exchangers lose performance over time, but you can extend the life of the exchanger with ongoing maintenance.

CIP is one of the ways to maintain the exchanger

Read more about CORYHEX and CIP - Click on picture

The service van always contains the necessary tools and equipment for the specific task.

At the service centre, spareparts, plates  and gaskets are thoroughly tested, so we are sure that they will function optimally when they are installed on-site.

On-site maintenance

In all processes