CORYHEX Servicecenter Denmark

Coryhex has a modern and well-equipped service center.
The service workshop is located 80 km north of the German border in Kolding south Denmark.
This means that we can always offer our customers the best service for plate heat exchangers of any brand.
Our technicians have great expertise in the maintenance of plate heat exchangers, and they continuously work on developing
new methods for refurbishment to ensure our customers the most efficient solution.

In the service center we store several thousand plates - and also offer a storage hotel for large industrial customers.

There are new and refurbished plates ready for installation in stock.


The service center is the foundation stone for the business.

The entire refurbishment and testing of plate stacks and exchangers takes place here. There are, for example, 2 cleaning vessels in the separate cleaning hall. Here, the plates are pre-rinsed, cleaned and neutralized before they have to continue in the refurbishment process.

Gasket assembly, inspection, leakage test in test frames.

The entire extensive refurbishment of plates and heat exchangers requires expertise, space, patience and a well-equipped service center.


Contact us on service phone 77 66 00 00 - or go to the contact form here

New Semi- welded heat exchanger